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Client research
Strategy Planning
Content & SEO research

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Web Design
Web Development

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SEO & Content Marketing
Website Maintenance
Website Optimization

All together now, this is the result of both party works. A website is now live. Of course the works doesn’t stop here, there are still plenty things to carry on. Your website need traffic and audience.

This is where you start to promote your website. You can promote it through Facebook or Google, or even start adding your website address to your profile or name card.

If you need any help in promoting your website, i would love to help. Just let me know.


Web Design Package

Check out my all of my pricing, If you need an quote or more questions, please contact and have a chat with me. Let me understand the needs of you before we jump into pricing.


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Here are some common questions that you might ask

General Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

It would take from 1 week up to 6 weeks of time to fully build a website. However, this could be based on several factors and complexity of the website, including the designs, features, functions,number of revisions and how pro-active clients are. Of course this is only a guideline, if a time-frame is given and i will make the best effort to finish within it.

Can i see the progress of my website?

Definitely! Any updates and change will be informed to clients. In fact, it is encourage that client to provide any feedback during the development progress.

How many changes can i make to my site?

A 2 rounds of major revisions are provided and minor changes are provided at no cost.

When is the payment required to start the project?

For most of the projects, a 50% of the estimated fees is required to pay prior the start of the project, with the remaining payment due upon the completion of the project.

How do i conduct my business?

I mostly deal with clients through online messaging eg. Whatsapp, phone call, and occasionally video calling. Only meet client when it is necessary.

Why don’t i meet client face to face? This is because it could reduce my cost and time, and guess what? WELCOME TO THE AGE OF INTERNET!

Do i need to provide any contents?

Yes, it is encouraged that client to provide essential contents of own. For example, photos and copywriting.

What software are you using to manage the webiste?

WordPress is used exclusively in most of my website. WordPress is currently the leading Content Management System in the internet. Thus, it is one of the best choices for clients.

Is there any recurring cost involved?

Yes, hosting fees and domain fees will be charged annually.

Do you offer SEO service?

Yes, SEO is a must practice now for every websites. However, i am currently only offer on-page SEO.

Can you help me to show my website to search engine(google)?

Yes, it is almost always possible to show websites on google.

Can you guarantee my website to show up first on search engine(google)?

No, definitely no. If someone guarantee you on this, you should be careful.

Got any more questions?

leave a message and i will contact you!